Ionex Makes "Turn Key" Electric Energy Storage Systems

Founded in 2009, Ionex Energy Storage Systems, Inc. manufactures large scale energy storage systems designed to boost & support wind, solar and tidal generation, placing them then in par with spinning base load sources and 'firm power', using next generation large format prismatic lithium ion batteries, State of the Art bi-directional power conversion electronics and our "GRID-Tronix" Smart Storage Transaction control software with 12 different storage applications. IONEX provides energy storage systems to global markets in the 25 KW to 100 MW-Hr range designed for utilities, renewable energy project developers, power producers, industrial and commercial businesses, and data centers. With Utility Class non-stop packaging, and our advanced GRID-Tronix Smart Storage control technology, coupled with installation and service makes Ionex the choice in turn-key energy storage solutions. Renewable energy by it's very nature is variable and often doesn't match electric demand or time-of-day needs. New trends in utility peak load reduction, grid stabilization, and load management all require large-scale energy storage, but prior cost have been high and system options limited. The company vision is to help define the Smart Grid and its' rapidly growing power demands for energy storage met with the best value in the chemical battery storage medium, power electronics and controls.

Energy Storage Systems & Farms

Artist conception: a 35 MW Energy Storage Park

Our GRID-Tronix "SALLI" or the storage abstraction layer and logical interface, provides numerous storage "Apps" selectively or simultaneously. The storage program is executed in real-time, controlled by upper/lower current & voltage bounds and limits, system or supply conditions, load profiles and events, alarms, time settings, remote command center control, and can use market rate triggers as well. There is full support for the ST or Storage Transaction Layer of the SALLI specification.
The modes of operation for the ionex BESS line are:
Buy = Charge @ Rate1, Sell = Discharge @ Rate2, and
Idle = Zero Amps & $, all while optimizing battery charge rates and life plus logging relative data locally & remotely.

Read our Battery Glossary and learn why Ionex makes Lithium Iron Phosphate Prismatic Batteries

ionex Systems Core Technology

IONEX BESS are packaged complete in rugged marine grade outdoor NEMA 3/R units for easy transport and drop-in installation. Standardized around our Prismatic 200 A-hr Lithium Iron Phosphate Large Format battery, allows for arrays to be built with hundreds, versus tens of thousands of smaller 6A and 10A batteries like our competition, making for many less physical connections and a more reliable system. When connected to the electric power grid, the Ionex systems can store and release electricity for use during periods of high peak demand, making it ideal for utilities and independent electric power generators of energy. Industrial electric users gain many storage advantages, from emergency backup, to VAR control, to demand load shaving. .